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Alele Mart Marshallese Kitchen & Cultural Store

Location: “1209 S Thompson St. Springdale AR 72764”

(479) 769-1135


Sanya, a local entrepreneur and member of the Marshallese community in Northwest Arkansas, has opened Alele Mart, a unique market that caters to the needs of her community. With a focus on bringing foods and products from Hawaii, the Philippines, and the Marshall Islands, Sanya aims to provide a sense of home for her customers. Alele Mart serves as a gathering place where community members can gather, enjoy authentic food, find Marshallese outfits and jewelry, and socialize. Sanya’s vision extends beyond just a market, as she offers a seating area for people to relax and connect, recreating the friendly and communal island life. Through Alele Mart, Sanya brings a piece of her culture and a sense of support to the Marshallese community in Northwest Arkansas.

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