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Beasy, Inc. started out as us creating a vision and direction for our family that has blossomed into a path for us to Exist in our Gift and Be a Gift.

Today, Beasy has blossomed into a Health and Wellness brand that emphasizes holistic health and total fitness(body, soul, and spirit) in individuals, families, and communities. Our belief is everyone should work towards being “Fit”. We define fitness as ones ability to survive then thrive in any particular environment, physically, soulfully, & spiritually.

We are a 3 part being, thus our fitness encompasses all those areas.

With the understanding that in life we can become so distracted, that we tend to forget about ourselves, Beasy strives to help simplify the lives of those we encounter. Our philosophy, “Consistently do the simple things extraordinarily, and the extraordinary will become simple” is a constant reminder that the path for an abundant life consist of simple, intentional action.

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