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Breaking Barriers: Women-Owned Businesses Making Waves

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on some amazing women-owned businesses that are making a big impact in their local communities. From boutiques to bakeries, these women are bringing their unique talents and passions to the forefront and creating some seriously awesome products and services. 

Despite the many strides that women have made in the business world in recent years, it’s no secret that female entrepreneurs still face unique challenges and obstacles. For one, women often struggle to secure funding and investment for their businesses, with studies showing that they receive far less capital than their male counterparts. Additionally, women business owners often have to juggle their work with other responsibilities, making it difficult to devote the time and energy needed to grow a business. On top of all that, women must deal with implicit and explicit gender bias and assumptions that they’re unable to effectively run a business. Despite these challenges, however, women entrepreneurs continue to persevere and make their mark in our region.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some hidden gems in our area. Let’s dive in!

Abi Eso Accessories

In a world of fast fashion and cheaply-made materials, choose differently. Abi Eso finds beautiful, ethically-sourced accessories that are sure to make a statement. Find earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.

Mika’s Market

Mika’s Market, founded by Reeya Gandhi, offers a scrumptious selection of made-from-scratch baked goods. Reeya entertains palates with an impressive catalog of original recipes. She is often found around the area at pop-ups and events, so be sure to follow her on social media to see where she’ll be next!

Picto Kits

Bringing DIY art to the young and young at heart, Picto Kits allows everyone to tap into their inner creative. Each product for sale on their website is hand-cut and packaged by the owners here in Northwest Arkansas. When you’re ready to start crafting, you assemble your artwork using a fun, no-consequence process. When you’re finished, you’re left with a unique, one-of-a-kind piece!

Nyarai Skincare

Motivation. Well-being. Confidence. Nyarai Skincare supplies this and more for women in Northwest Arkansas. By focusing on natural, plant-based ingredients, their products offer a safe and organic method to help women achieve and maintain their skincare goals.

Trailside Yoga

With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, Trailside Yoga has grown to be a staple of the Northwest Arkansas area. The studio features mat rentals, free parking and comfortable cork floors. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll be able to easily find a class or workshop that suits you.

Looking for more businesses to support within our community? Check out the full resource guide!